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Eva Puchalla , CEO Germany of Fwip

We consult businesses on the following tasks:

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1: Web Design

A website that is up with the year 2019: responsive, fast loading, and UI/UX optimized for your users.

2: Traffic Acquisition

Once you have a website, you need visitors. You can get them easily through either SEO or paid advertisement.

3: Data Gathering & Analysis

Once you have a website and visitors, you can start collecting data, and using it to drive effectively your strategy.

4: Competitive Intelligence

Analyze not only your own data, but also your competitor's. Use your insight into their strategy to drive your own.

5 (New): Product Testing

Test your product online in real-life conditions, and get insight about your future users before you even launch.

5 (New): Technical Due Diligence

Do background checks on potential people or companies you are about to do business with, so that there are no surprises.

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Our human-machine hybrid approach

There are 2 types of companies.
The ones using too much automation, and the ones not using enough.

We believe in a hybrid approach.

We believe that humans and machines are complementary, which is why we are constantly creating data analytics tools that fit your needs, in order to help us consult for you more efficiently.